Welcome to the Chemistry Department

There is hardly an area of our lives that is not touched by Chemistry: food; pharmaceuticals; materials; the environment; and much more. Life is what it is due to atoms and molecules and chemistry explains much of this and more. In a technologically advancing world Chemistry is a necessity for a future scientifically literate society.

Within Chemistry the department aims to stimulate students’ curiosity in science and develop an interest and enjoyment in Chemistry. The department enables the students to develop a wider scientific understanding so that they are able to support their views with reasoned arguments.
In the study of Chemistry there is a large emphasis on practical work. Through the underlying themes, within the subject, the girls develop a knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, which they can relate to everyday life.
The pupils work in small groups, as part of a team as well as independently. Information Technology is used in a variety of ways to aid the learning process.


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